High Security Fire Resistant Cupboards

Buy High-Security Fire Resistant Cupboards from RH Products Ltd 

High Security Fire Resistant Cupboards (cabinets) are 'Built like a safe' and suitable for storing large, bulky and valuable items including data, electronic equipment and confidential papers and provide a high level of security at a realistic price.  

With a VdS approved safety lock and five heavy-duty locking bolts these high security fire resistant cupboards (cabinets) offer the perfect defence against both fire and forced entry. They are also fully tested and certified to EN 14450 S1 by VdS in Germany.

Fire protection is provided by a double-wall construction, with fire-resistant barrier material to DIN 4102. Available in a range of sizes these security cabinets will keep your valuables secure should the unthinkable happen.

These high security fire resistant cupboards (cabinets) meet the JCQ security requirements for storage of examination papers. Built with a double-walled construction with a filled void providing approximately 30 minutes of fire resistance at temperatures of up to 750 degrees C (DIN 4102). Standard locking provided by a CEN/VdS approved double bitted safe key lock supplied with two keys