Personal Effects and Mobile Phone Lockers

Buy Personal Effects and Mobile Phone Lockers from RH Products Ltd - these mobile phone Lockers are a slim wallet locker offering safe storage of small items like keys, wallets, purses cameras and mobile phones. 

Mobile Phone Lockers offer convenient safe storage to your employees or customers for the safe-keeping and storage of personal items and are suitable for use in retail, industry and commerce, NHS and Local government. They are ideal for the reception area's where users are required to remove their mobile phones and pocket possessions due to manufacturing or security issues.

Personal effects lockers are fitted with a sloping top as standard and are supplied individually or in a nest of two. Each unit is comprised of 8 or 16 storage compartments with a total height of 1000mm. Each compartment is 90mm high x 192mm wide a 180mm deep.

Mobile Phone Lockers are available with 8 or 20 compartments and can be stacked if required. Each unit is comprised of 8 or 20 storage compartments. Each small compartment is 155mm high x 155mm wide. 

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