Charge and Store Lockers

Buy Charge and Store Lockers from RH Products Ltd - these charge or store lockers offer a secure way to store only or charge and store your tablets, phones, IT equipment, laptops, smart devices, netbooks etc. Widely used in all education establishments including schools, colleges and universities and the NHS.

Available with or without charging points in three models with 8, 10 or 15 compartments with one door securing all. Charging points are also available with or without a USB port.

All models are fire tested and approved in line with European standards. All lockers comply with the requirements set out in Building Bulletin 100: Design for fire safety in schools.

Safe location of the power socket and all charging units are CE marked. All compartments have scratch resistant lock covers with the facility to number each door to help identification. Each charging compartment has a rear perforated panel for heat dissipation