• Office Storage

    Office Storage

    Within our Office Storage section, you find all types of Cupboards, Filing Cabinets, Tray Storage racks, and Tray Storage Cupboards. 

    Widely used in Education and Offices are our lockable Wooden Stock Cupboards and also our Wooden Eco Cupboards and Bookcases are equally popular and of course, our steel office cupboards are always useful for storing stationery and small pieces of equipment. For total security see our Office Cupboards with a Security Bar and if you're looking for a space-saving office cupboard then our 507 mm deep Tambour Door Cupboards are practical and space-saving as the sliding tambour door opens within itself. For ventilated visual storage you'll find our Wire Cupboards fit the bill.  

    For the storage of cleaning products, our Janitors Equipment Cupboard provides the complete answer with separate sections for different items such as cleaning products, a top shelf, and a high section with clothes hanging rail for overalls, etc, or Janitors Cleaning Cupboard which has a full height half side for storing wide brooms, mops and buckets.    

    Even today in this modern world we still need to retain certain papers and to do this we generally use a filing cabinet. Our Budget Filing Cabinets have from two to five drawers and for total security we also have a Four Drawer Filing Cabinet with Security Bar enabling secondary locking by use of a padlock. Our Multi-Drawer Cabinets are available with 5, 10, or 15 drawers on next-day delivery. 

    An office fire is something nobody likes to think about but being prepared can save you thousands of pounds so investing in a Fire Resistant Cupboard is a must in any office and to safeguard your medical items from everyday pilfering an Electronic Medical Storage Cabinet is a must