Boltless Shelving

Buy Boltless Shelving from RH Products Ltd - Boltless steel shelving provides suitable storage for any warehouse, storeroom, and workshop and available in Light, Medium and Heavy-Duty construction. This boltless shelving is widely used in industry and commerce and offers incredible value for money with amazing strength and rigidity.  

This boltless shelving is suitable for general storage and available with plain chipboard or white "easy Wipe" melamine chipboard covered shelves for more hygienic areas that can be wiped down

Boltless shelving racks are supplied with three, four, or five shelf levels, uprights, plastic feet, face, and side beams and central deck supports (excluding 915mm wide) which support not only the melamine panel but ties the front and back beams together. Extra shelves are available on request.

Boltless heavy duty shelving has an overall bay load capacity of 2800kgs with individual shelf loadings as specified. This shelving is available in a range of sizes and can be assembled quickly and easily by using a rubber mallet. 

Additional shelving items including Rubber Mallet, Tie Plates (for joining two bays), Wall Bracket (for fixing to the wall), and Metal Feet (for ground fixing) are also available to purchase. Extra shelves and taller bays can also be supplied on request. Guaranteed for 5 years with 5 working days delivery.

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