• Industrial Cupboards

    Are you looking for Industrial Cupboards but not sure which one to buy? - well you've come to the right place as within our large extensive range of industrial cupboards you'll find what you're looking for. 

    Our most popular cupboard is our Janitors Equipment Cleaning Cupboard which is versatile in design with four adjustable shelves on the left-hand side and one top shelf on the right-hand side with a hanging rail beneath suitable for hanging garments and a large storage space for the storage of mop and buckets and tall items such as brooms, vacuum cleaners, and general cleaning equipment and supplies.

    But If you're looking for a strong industrial cupboard then we would recommend our Verso Industrial Storage Cupboards which are supplied complete with adjustable shelves in four colours. There is also a ClearView Cupboard version which has perspex windows enabling visual identification of the contents of the cupboard without unlocking it together with our Wire Cupboards which serve the same purpose and are suitable for use and allow easy ventilation of the stored contents. 

    Hazardous Storage Regulations require the correct type of safety cupboard must be used for a particular hazardous substance or material and our range of Hazardous Safety Cabinets have been designed specifically for this purpose with different cupboards marked with the appropriate safety warnings. 

    Security of your computer equipment is becoming more an more important in today's competitive industrial market which is why we offer a fully secure lockable Industrial Computer Workstation Cupboard for safe storage of your industrial computers.

    Sloping Top Cupboards are another of our very popular items often used as a foremans desk on the factory shop floor these cupboards have a sloping top and are ideal for foremen and supervisors for the general storage of computer papers, stationery, and equipment.  Also available is a Sloping Top Workstation Cupboard fitted with a peg board or file holder.

    For secure small parts storage, our Container Cupboards are just the ticket as they are complete with a selection of different size plastic containers and can be securely locked when not in use. It's impossible to mention all Industrial Cupboards that we supply so if you can't find what you need please ask us.