Changing Room Benches

Buy Benches and Changing Room Units from RH Products Ltd - most suitable for Gyms and Education establishments these units are supplied at various heights to suit all age groups 

Selecting the most suitable changing room bench involves considering several factors to ensure comfort, practicality, and suitability for your space. Here are some key points for you to consider:

Seat Material: The material of the seat is crucial for comfort and durability. Normally you can choose from metal, wood, or black recycled plastic 

Bench Size: Measure your space to determine the size of the bench you require. consider the following points:

Height - Shorter for primary schools, taller for high schools, colleges, and gyms.

Width - Ensure there is enough space for people to walk around

Depth - choose between single-sided or double-sided based on your room size

Choose from our extensive range of changing room benches starting with our basic bench which are available with changing room benches with wooden slats or alternatively or most popular changing benches with black recycled plastic slats. Moving on from our basic changing room benches are our changing room benches with an overhead hanging unit which are available in three heights and with a choice of virtually unbreakable plastic hooks or and overhead bar to hold clothes hangers.