Line Marking Systems

Line Marking Systems are an effective way of marking out your industrial premises inside or outside. Two types of high-quality line marking systems are available, Self-Adhesive Floor Tape System or Aerosol Spray Paint System.

The Self-adhesive floor tape system is particularly suitable for marking warehouse floor Aisles, around machines and equipment, traffic ways and other demarcation areas which can be identified precisely, cleanly and economically. Self-adhesive floor tape is an extremely tough floor marking tape for the quick and effective marking of internal surfaces.

The Line marking self-adhesive floor tape is easily and quickly applied using the applicator, and is particularly useful where extensive marking is required. Also available is our line marking self-adhesive floor tape set which contains all of the elements required to get started.

The Aerosol Spray Paint System has been developed for the rapid and effortless marking of indoor and outdoor areas. They are particularly suitable for marking lines on car parks, roads etc. There are three types of line marking aerosol applicators, Single, Double and Hand Held Gun. Aerosol spray paint is long-lasting, durable and cost-effective. Easy to use shake can, insert into the applicator and apply. Produces markings that are highly visible and are abrasion and chemical resistant. Adheres to most surfaces concrete, asphalt, tarmac, metal, tiles etc. Fast-drying, normally within minutes.

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