Buy Barriers from - we have a barrier for every application including Chain Post Sets, Rope Barriers, Retractable Barriers, Expanding Barriers and swing type Barrier Gates. 

Chain Post Sets - are the ideal low-cost solution for quickly and easily cordoning off areas both indoors and outdoors and short term outdoors in areas such as warehouses, production areas, retail areas etc. These portable barriers sets consist of plastic chain posts with a rubber base with a choice of hollow, solid rubber or concrete-filled, depending on your specific requirement. The posts are then interconnected with plastic chain link which is included in the set.

Rope Barriers - have highly polished stainless steel posts with a sturdy chrome base which are ideal for use for crowd control and queue management control. These rope barriers are suitable for hotels, airports, warehouse. showrooms and offices. These rope barriers are available with a Ball Head or Top Hat Head, and have four-way connectivity to suit your particular application. 

Retractable Barriers - are a wall-mounted belt cartridge barrier ideal for controlling access at fixed or temporary locations. The retractable cartridge barrier is designed for screw mounting or magnetic fixing. The self-tensioning belts are quickly and easily fitted with the free end being simply located in the wall clip supplied, or to an adjacent cartridge. 

Expanding Barriers - are designed to prevent pedestrian traffic from a hazardous area or an area that might be under construction. Expandable barriers are portable and can also be used as a safety gate to keep people away from slipping hazards until they can be properly cleaned up and can also be used for crowd control.

Swing Type Barrier Gates - are our new generation of swing barriers with greater functionality plus possessing both modern and visually appealing looks. These Compact barrier gates add a greater presence, and high level of security access for traffic control, to the entrances of public and commercial buildings, car parks etc. 

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