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Our range includes Drum Trucks, Drum Lifters. Drum Tilters, Drum Stands, Drum Dollies, Drum Pallets, Drum Clamps and Drum Stores etc. 

Hydraulic Drum Lifter is designed to allow a single user to pick up and transport full or empty 210-litre steel and plastic drums. The hydraulic pump smoothly lifts the drum while the top rim clamp secures and holds the drum in place. Ideal and easy to use this hydraulic drum lifter is a great addition to industrial warehouses.

With this hydraulic drum lifter, you can pick up and transport steel or plastic drums with ease and the retractable clamp holds the drum securely and releases automatically. It has a maximum load of 250kg evenly distributed and has a maximum lift height of 250mm.

Fitted with 2 x 180mm polyurethane wheels and with 125mm rear swivel polyurethane castor with brake. Some assembly is required. This hydraulic drum lifter is CE-tested and has a 1- years manufacturer's guarantee.

Drum Tilting Transporter Truck is designed to allow you to pick up, transport and rotate a full or empty 210 steel drum and is ideal for use in a factory or workshop environment.

This drum-tilting transporter truck secures the drum by means of the large steel clasp mechanism and a securing chain. The unit is mobile on 2 x 180mm polyurethane wheel and a rear 75mm swivel castor. Some self-assembly is required. Max load 300kgs evenly distributed. Finished safety yellow.

Drum Transporter Truck is designed to carry 210 Litre steel drums and has a U-shaped handle that incorporates knuckle guard hand grips. . The drum is held in position by an adjustable retaining hook.

Manufactured from tubular steel this drum transporter truck is mobile on 2 x 250mm solid rubber wheels and features a third supporting 125mm braked solid rubber castor. Finished Orange. Some assembly is required

Mobile 4-wheeled Drum Truck is suitable for 210-litre steel drums and certain plastic drums. It has a looped ergonomic handle and a 4-wheeled base which enables the unit to take the full weight of the drum whilst transporting.

Manufactured from tubular steel the mobile 4-wheeled drum truck has a cradle design which allows the unit to be used horizontally for dispensing the drum contents. The large toe prongs allow for easy and safe drum offloading onto a pallet and loading from a pallet.  Mobile on 4 x 200mm Nylon Wheels. Max Load 350kgs. Some assembly is required.   

Drum Handler Truck has a U-shaped handle and an eagle grip which ensures the drum stays in place when being transported, the mechanism can also be easily adjusted for varying drum heights. Designed to carry 210-litre steel drums.
Manufactured from tubular steel the U-shaped handle incorporates knuckle guard hand grips. Mobile on 2 x 400mm pneumatic wheels perfect for traversing rough ground. Max Load 450kg. Some self-assembly is required
Drum Handling Truck has been designed to carry full or empty 210-litre steel oil drums and is suitable for use in factories or onsite where safe drum handling is required. Ideal for moving units on & off Euro & UK Pallets
This drum handling truck smoothly lifts the drum (in 20mm increments) and the drum is held firm by the drum locking mechanism clamp. Lifting Height 250mm. Mobile on 2 fixed 130mm polyurethane wheels & 2 swivel 120mm polyurethane castors. Max Load 250kg. Some self-assembly is required 
Drum Lifting Truck designed for moving 210-litre drums horizontally and placing them onto pallets. The clamp holds drums firmly and securely for safe hazardous handling. Lifts empty or full drums up to 740mm off the ground. Foot-operated hydraulic pump for easy handling. Max Loax 300kgs. Mobile on 2 fixed and 2 swivel braked 125mm castors. Some Self-assembly is required.

Corner Drum Lifter is designed to load and unload 210-litre steel drums from the corner of a pallet whilst ensuring safety and ease of use. The secure grip holds the top rim of the drum and the user then pumps the foot to lift the drum. 
This heavy-duty drum lifter has a foot-operated hydraulic pump mechanism which enables smooth and controlled lifting of heavy drums, preventing user strain. You can load and unload 210L steel drums from pallets or the ground effortlessly, thanks to the secure grip that holds the top rim of the drum. 
Lifting height = 500mm, providing ample clearance
Extended height = 1380mm
The foot pedal conveniently hinges up, minimizing the risk of accidental contact and preventing potential injuries. This unit is mobile with 2 fixed and 2 swivel 130mm wheels, including one with a brake, ensuring stability during movement. Max Load 450kgs. Some self-assembly is required
Fork Lift Drum Tilter enables your fork truck to be used as a drum handler lifting, transporting, and tilting loaded drums. This forklift drum tilter can be operated without leaving the forklift truck.
This drum-handling truck has a 3-metre pull chain loop that allows simple control from the driver seat. Capacity 350kg. CE Marked and Plated
Overhead Drum Lifter works by simply attaching/hanging the lifter on a hook from an overhead hoist or crane, saddle around the drum, and raise to your required height and position. Suitable for use with 210-litre oil drums. 
Overhead drum lifters are available in two models, the Standard model and the Geared model. The geared model has a geared chain control and the 3-metre control chain can be locked to secure the oil drum in any position. One-man operation. Max load 350kg. CE Marked.
Taper Grip Drum Clamp is designed to be used with a forklift truck to transport 210-litre steel drums. Available in 2 models to move either 1 or 2 drums
This taper grip drum clam has steel jaws that grip the rim of the drum, allowing the drums to be picked up or set down without spaces between them. The Automatic grip lock will not open and ensures safe drum transportation of the drums at all times.
Drum stands are most useful for storing or dispensing from 210 litre oil drums. Available in 4 different models to suit all applications. These Drum Stands are of fully welded tubular steel construction with the following options:
Model 1) Static Drum Stand
Model 2) Mobile Drum Stand, mobile on 2 x 100mm fixed wheels and 2 x 75mm swivel castors
Model 3) Static Drum Stand with nylon top rollers to allow drainage from the side bung.
Model 4) Mobile Drum Stand with nylon top rollers to allow drainage from the side bung
and mobile on 2 x 100mm fixed wheel and 2 x75mm swivel castors
Also available as an accessory is a Drum Handle Lever Bar designed for use with all models
Mobile Drum Stand is a Cradle System that allows the drum to be loaded in a horizontal position and the loading handles allow for easy tipping & drainage..
Manufactured from tubular steel these mobile drum stands are suitable for 210 litre steel drums and certain plastic drums. Mobile on 2 x 125mm white nylon wheels and 2 x 100mm white nylon swivel castors. Maximum load 270kg. Some self-assembly is required
Drum Dolly with Handle has been designed to allow loading by overhead lifting. Easily assembled this Drum Dolly with handle is suitable for moving standard 210 litre drums and ideal for use in a factory or onsite where 210 litre oil drums require moving. .
This Drum Dolly with Handle is manufactured from steel with a long tubular steel handle, with rubber hand grips, to enable easy movement. Fitted with 4 x 78mm polyethylene swivel castors.
Plastic Drum Dolly is designed to allow loading by overhead lifting & is suitable for moving standard 210L drums,  ideal for use in factories or onsite where 210 litre oil drums require moving.
This one-piece plastic moulded drum dolly is fitted with 4 x 75mm rubber swivel castors making it easy to manoeuvre..Some self-assembly is required.
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