Palstic Box Pallets Bulk Containers

Buy Plastic Box Pallets Bulk Containers from RH Products Ltd 

These new Totebox Plastic Box Pallet Bulk Container will help you to reduce costs by speedy handling operations and increased storage density. Hygienic, strong, and stable rigid Pallet Boxes are ideal for heavy-duty handling applications in both food and non-food industrial environments.

Saving money the light-weight reduces fuel costs and the heavy-duty construction eliminates maintenance costs and folds flat when empty to save valuable space on return transport.

Bulk Containers with solid or vented sides are designed for intensive handling and distribution applications. Available with fixed sides or our fold-down design which can be assembled and folded by a single operator. Drop-down doors on the fold-down model allow easy access to contents, preventing users from having to lean into a part empty container.

Faster handling by forklift with wide-width fork entry slots speed forklift operations while drop- down doors provide easy access for faster manual loading and unloading. Denser storage these folding box pallets can be stacked up to eight high carrying a unit load of up to 700 Kg with a combined load of 5.6 tonnes (see individual load capacities)

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